HVAC Repair Services

Realizing you need HVAC Repairs . . .

. . . is not something any homeowner looks forward to. Whether it’s the middle of the summer and your home just won’t get cool or mid-winter and you woke up to a chilly house, you want Astacio Plumbing & HVAC to perform your repairs. Our technicians are expertly trained in both AC repair and heating repair, no matter what brand or type of system you have. We not only guarantee the work we do, but we guarantee that our technicians will arrive on time and that your estimate will match your final bill.

Signs You Need Heating Repair

Although some signs you need heating repair are obvious, others aren’t. Here are some commonly missed signs that you should call for HVAC repairs:

  • Odd smell or sounds coming from your vents or unit.
  • Your heating bill increases yet it’s not colder than previous years.
  • The unit turns on and off rapidly, also known as sporadic cycling.
  • You can’t seem to get the house warm no matter what you set the thermostat to.
  • A yellow pilot light on a gas system also signals an issue. Your pilot light should be bluish.

Quality Air Conditioning Repair

Some of the signs that you need air conditioning repair are similar to those that indicate you need heating repair. You may also notice your home is more humid than you expect. Moisture or standing water around your unit is a sure sign there’s an issue. Of course, the most common sign is when the air coming out of the vents isn’t cool.


Whether you need heating or AC repair, [company name] is ready to help. We service Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas with our expert services. We’re licensed and insured for your protection and have an excellent rating from our customers. Call us today!